Natural Tangerine Quartz


Fire magic at its finest, I cannot wait for you to start bringing passion back into your life and your work with these beautiful and super affordable tangerine quartz points. We have never had them of this quality for this price point before, so I am over the moon about it! 

This is a stone that brings your warmth to the surface. It re-ignites your playful, passionate spirit, and gives your sex drive a little push as well. If you feel a bit stuck or stagnant, this is sure to get it all moving along for you, and improve your drive and motivation!

Tangerine quartz works to activate, align and balance the sacral chakra, the center of your desires, wants and needs. Activating and balancing the sacral chakra will allow you to access the place of creativity and passion, so get ready to work that fire medicine! Meditate and sleep with this new tool close to you!

This listing is for one natural tangerine quartz.