Peach Selenite Heart


Selenite is often referred to as the "Happiness Stone", and these Peach Selenite Hearts are no exception! Specifically good at connecting you to source, these orange/peach selenite hearts purify your sacred space, cleansing and raising the energetic vibration of their surroundings, and making the area more conducive for healing and working to your highest and best use of your abilities. 

Orange selenite is more rare than white, and give you a boost of sacral chakra care that is extremely effective. Cleansing and purifying, with a boost of passion, energy and desire that gets your creative centers flowing! Orange selenite is also known as orange gypsum and comes to us from Morocco. Use this stone when you want to harness and draw creative energy near to you, and simultaneously push away and dispel negative energy. 

This listing is for one heart.