Peridot Chip Stone Chakra Pendulum


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Oh my! Working with peridot is like pure luck and prosperity magic at your fingertips! Peridot is a go to for me when I want to do abundance and manifestation magic! I pair it whenever I can with labradorite. Peridot is also a stone for opening up the heart chakra! So get ready to hold more space for abundance and healthy relationships in your life! Peridot has long been believed to be a stone of the way seers or mystics, capable of giving divine insight into the future. This stone is believed to bring and lead you to the path of abundance and prosperity. 

Pendulums have been called dowsers as well, throughout the years and across a multitude of cultures. Most useful for answering yes and no questions, a powerful and useful tool to aid in your connection to your ancestors and spiritual guides, as well as to locate missing objects and locate areas where energy is stuck or blocked in the body. If you have never worked with a pendulum before, consider also picking up a book or attending a workshop with us on programming and using a pendulum! If you are part of my crystal healer course, we also learn how to use a pendulum in that program! Our store contains a variety of different available options for pendulums, as well we some exclusive hand crafted pendulum offerings, so happy shopping!