Stromatolite Tumbled Stones



I do not have enough room here to really get into the full magic of how incredible and useful these stones are for you! To say just a little, these stones are ancient seeker stones, meaning they are stones that are used for looking at what you want in life, reflecting on where you have been in this life, and for enhancing past life regression work while you are sleeping to identify issues you had to work through in past lives, locating lessons that may be coming back up in this life due to unresolved situations and karmic debt, and creating the esoteric connection between the lives. These stones help you to weave and transform your life, allowing you the understanding needed to determine what path you should be on, and how to get what you want through harnessing the laws of attraction.  In addition, these stromatolite stones have been used to balance and harmonize sacred spaces, giving the energetic equivalence of Feng Shui in your home automatically!

This listing is for one piece of this beautiful polished stromatolite stone, which we will select for you.