Prehnite Epidote Goddess Crown


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Prehnite is literally the only stone capable of fully healing the healer, so whatever your art form or metaphysical gift may be that you share with others, you can also use this stone  for yourself also! In addition, finding it with epidote is extremely rare and expensive, so we are very happy to have sourced these crowns with this combination stone for you!

Epidote is a stone that increases and amplifies all things you are working on. Particularly known for it's ability to increase psychic abilities, help intensify the frequency of prophetic dreams, and increase mediumship abilities, this is the stone to use if you are working with divination tools like scrying, crystal ball gazing, pendulum, tarot or tea leaf reading. In fact, if you are going to get a piece of this psychic magic, you might as well have a look at our divination tools, as it would be a waste of your abilities not to start working with communicating with the higher realms when you are in possession of this type of gem.

Prehnite is also quite good for reducing nightmares and night terrors, and making dreams easier to remember. You will want to keep a dream journal when this stone is paired with epidote, because lucid dreaming and astral travel will be much easier. 

This listing is for one Prehnite Epidote Goddess Crown.