Soapstone Steatite Cat Totem Animals


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These cat totem animals are some of my favorite in soapstone as they are so prettily colored! They sit approximately 1.5 inches tall in height. Soapstone is a beautiful, colorful combination of talc, dolomite, chlorite and magnetite. The minerals that makeup this stone help us to widen our horizons, widen our perspective of the world around us, serving to broaden our minds of narrow thinking. This stone is also used as an amplifier between the spirit world and our own, a wonderful tool for communicating messages with our spirit guides. You may find it much easier to adapt to new environments or build new routines, as this is a beautiful, calm energy stone for personal growth that I hope you will find as delightful to work with as I do!

When one has the cat as their spirit totem animal, we are being taught about the timing of our actions, and being gifted with courage to explore the unknown. The incredible and profound journey of self exploration, and the balance between the light and the dark, observation and action, are tools that the cat has mastered. Cats have long been believed to be the familiar of witches and Pagan believers, particularly because they see better at night, and therefore do much of their exploration late into the night hours. They walk among the light and the dark, making them dualistic talented creatures to be admired and respected. If you have ever seen a cat hunt, you know how well they use timing to achieve their goals. We can learn from the cat as we start to make changes in our lives, utilizing timing to give us the desired outcome we are seeking.

This listing is for one soapstone cat, which we will select for you from those we have available at the time of your order. Each cat is approximately 1.5 inches in height and each one is unique with its own markings.