Prophecy Wand Display Specimen


This beautiful display piece features a very large black obsidian scrying sphere on a gorgeous spirit vine, the Peruvian ayahuasca vine.

Formed by volcanic glass, black obsidian is one of the most highly sought after spheres for divination. It's shiny surface makes it perfect for dim lighting and candle lit spaces, allowing you to successfully contact and communicate with loved ones passed on to the other side, with protection during your work. Black obsidian is a highly protective and negativity shielding stone, allowing you deeper, stronger bonds to the spirit world in a much safer way. If you feel like you need mental clarity and focus, this is the stone for you. Used by clairvoyants, shamans and crystal gazers for centuries, black obsidian can unlock for you a vast world of prophecy, personal magick, a deep emotional journey to discover past hurts that still need healing and release, while creating a physic shield of protection around you that will block negative spirits and psychic attack. For anyone who works in a setting where they meet or see many people, this is an excellent stone to be using, as it cleansing your auric field, removing any negative energetic attachments that you may have picked up during the day. If you are an enlightened being, like myself, you are like a beacon of light in a dark room for "karmic trash" low vibration spirits that are wandering around, so this stone will keep you from being able to be latched onto. The sphere form of this stone is the most highly sought after, due to the sphere's natural ability to radiate the properties of any stone in all directions throughout your space, purifying and protecting the entire room.

The sphere does not detach from the base. This is a handcrafted multi stone display piece.