Purple Dyed Agate Palm Stones



These palm stone are so colorful! They are currently available in pink, purple and aqua. Get one before they are gone!

Agate has long been known to be an extremely protective gem, and the secret remedy to emotional stability. Agate comes in shapes, sizes and colors from hundreds of locales all over the earth, so we carry agate in a multitude of styles right here on Practical Magic Store. A beautiful stone for balancing and keeping harmonized your lower chakras, using agate in meditation will bring you into centered focus, and ground you in a very soothing way. We use agate when we want a versatile stone that doesn't overpower the work you are doing, yet allows you to stay true to your goals and desires, and can be a positive addition to promoting the type of energy you seek in your sacred space.

The magic of working with this beautiful purple colored agate palm is crown chakra channeling to open your abilities psychically, allowing you to communicate with the other side in a positive, protected and safe nature. The centered, focused and grounded nature of agate, combined with the purple ray allows you to open up in a seriously protected manner, only allowing in what serves you. Set this beautiful agate on your divination area, or in your sacred space, and get it out when you are ready to work with your pendulum or crystal ball, setting the intention that anything coming through will only be serving your highest and best use.

This listing is for one purple dyed agate palm stone.