Pyrite Spheres


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These beautiful pyrite spheres demand attention! No two of them are the same, and one will be hand selected for you. These spheres have come to us directly from Peru. Spheres radiate their magical properties outward from all directions, effecting everything within immediate distance. They cover more distance esoterically, then any other shape of stone, making them incredible for energy work, and excellent for your sacred space. Holding one of these spheres in your hand, you will be mesmerized by their glittering properties and you won't want to put them down!

Pyrite is a phenomenal protection stone, different then other stones because it is capable of mending tears in your auric field, and shielding you from negativity of all sorts. Pyrite is a solar plexus healing stone, capable of giving you the willpower you need to commit to decisions and relationships, also making pyrite an excellent passion stone for relationship and love related affairs. You will find it much easier to overcome being shy, and to get the boost in self confidence that you have been needing, when you start working with pyrite during your meditation sessions.

Pyrite connects the solar plexus chakra with the third eye chakra, a connection that causes you to be able to transform the higher esoteric knowledge you receive through your psychic development work, into the grounding energies of the solar plexus region, and to transform those ideas into realities in your life. In essence, pyrite is a killer manifestation stone!

This listing is for one pyrite sphere, approximately 2 inches in size.