Rainbow Moonstone Chip Stones


These beautiful rainbow moonstone palm stones are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. Rainbow moonstone is a prismatic stone, meaning it holds within it all of the 7 rays of a full spectrum of rainbow, which can be seen from different angles depending on your lighting. These are perfect for allowing the inner light of your divine feminine goddess to shine through, harnessing the wisdom of our guides from the spirit realm, healing your Crown Chakra, and developing your psychic abilities, as well as strengthening your intuitive abilities! These are truly mystic goddess stones that I know you will love and cherish!

This listing is for one approximately 3.5 oz. bag of high quality, gemmy Rainbow Moonstone Chip Stones. Rainbow Moonstone is a Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone, helping to enhance and develop your divine feminine and psychic and intuitive abilities.

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