Rainbow Obsidian Owl and Skull Totem Carving #2


These incredibly stunning, sparkling rainbow obsidian stone carvings are some of my very favorite! I am so into rainbow obsidian right now! An incredibly easy healing stone to use, this is a stone of support and grief processing. This is a very protective stone and the wisdom of the owl, combined with the ancestral knowledge and guidance that is offered to us when we honor our ancestors with beautiful skulls, makes these carvings truly magical!

This listing is for the carving you see pictured.

The magic of working with skull carvings: Skull carvings are harnessing the powers of ancestral connection and the ancient wisdom of your spirit guides all at once! Working with skull energy and carvings allows you the ability to simultaneously honor your loved ones and departed friends, as well as draw the magical healing energy of these stones into your work! Skull carvings are incredibly magical divination tools for us to use because skulls are our esoteric companions. It is believed by some cultures that our skulls are keepers of secrets, able to hold on to and call upon lessons they learned during their lifetime, and able to transfer that information to others. They impart wisdom to us from elder spirits during divination work. During the shadow season, taking place in the fall and winter seasons, these are excellent companion tools to hold in your hands during your meditation to download secret knowledge and tools that they possess, and call upon spirit.