Rainbow Onyx Sphere Holders


Onyx is a stone that gifts its owner with courage, the ability to heal your heart chakra, removal of stressors in your life, and support for you during difficult times. This stone puts loving arms around you and give your the determination, willpower and strength to carry on despite obstacles.

This listing is for one sphere holder.

If you are looking for the perfect, unique holder for one of your crystal spheres, this piece may be for you! We are always adding beautiful sphere holders to our inventory to honor and display your sacred gifts, your treasures from the earth for the world to see! Spheres are highly regarded here at Practical Magic because they radiate energy outward in all directions, changing the energetic vibration in your space and setting the mood! Don’t forget to get yourself a beautiful new gemstone sphere to accompany such a new, unique sphere holder! It’s important to make sure that wherever you display your precious gems, you do so in a way that they are safe and protected, because we know how much you love them! We are constantly looking for new ways to help you display your magic, and their safety is our highest priority! Radiate the energy of your crystal babies in all sacred directions when you work with spheres in your magical work! Don’t forget to add pictures to our Practical Magic Store Crystal Group on Facebook, so we can all see your new pieces and how you’ve chosen to display them!