Rainforest Jasper Hearts


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Of all the stones out there, rhyolite, also called rainforest jasper, are your wishing manifestation stones. Rhyolite is a heart chakra stone, because of its ability to connect you mind, body and soul to the natural wisdom and beauty that is mother earth and the Gaia energy, making you see the beauty in all things. This is a very earthy stone, so don’t be surprised if you feel more drawn to nature after starting to work with this precious stone. A major part of healing the heart chakra center, this stone will help you to explore past lives, and lessons that you may have come back to learn. The connection between karma and what is going on in your present life will be made more clear to you, so that you can make the changes necessary to heal old wounds and move into a new chapter in your life without the karmic baggage you have been carrying as a burden for so long. These are tremendously powerful stones that are a must have for any healer, or anyone who needs healing. Their energy is strong but loving, and you will feel more grounded and stable when you start using this stone in your energy work.

This listing is for one rainforest jasper heart, approximately 1.5 inches. Each stone