Raw Andean Pink Opal


This particular listing is for the mined pink opals that come from the Andes Mountains in Peru. On a metaphysical level, this is a stone of incredible aura cleansing and purification abilities. It eases peace and gentle harmony into your life, and brings about progress and positive change. Opals work with the element of water, meaning that they work primarily on our personal emotions and the emotional well being areas of our life. This is pure, real opal, in its true form. It is is a beautiful raw piece. You can feel the energy of these stones when you hold them in your hand, and their loving, gentle energy works on your emotions of love, heart healing, compassion, sympathy and patience. This stone also helps me sleep better at night, and I keep it next to my bed along with blue lace agate. Both pink opal and blue lace agate have been used for centuries to aid in healing and sleep therapy by many different cultures around the world.

This listing is for one piece of raw pink Andean Opal.

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