Red Tiger Eye Pillow Palm Stone


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Red Tiger Eye is a stone of fire magic! It's wisdom, protection, personal power and foresight in a very potent way. If you are going to be attending a stressful or challenging event, whether it's personal or in your work life, pop one of these into your bags or carry it in your pocket! This stone balances and grounds your root chakra, and also activates and ignites your sacral chakra energy center. It brings energy into your lower chakra areas, so feel free to direct your energy work to the lower parts of your body and arouse that extra energy that you are needing!

This listing is for one beautiful red tiger eye pillow palm stone, approximately 1.50-1.75 inches in size on average. Each one is unique with its own special markings and we will intuitively select one for you when you place your order!

This listing is for one pillow palm.