Ruby In Cordierite Tumbled Stones


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Friends, this incredible combination of ruby and cordierite is a metaphysical healing miracle worker that we are so happy to be able to offer you!  Cordierite is a "look outside of the box" stone for those who want to find unconventional ways to reach their goals and overcome obstacles! It provides us with self love and self awareness. Cordierite has also been extremely useful for helping us locate things that have been misplaced. If you are trying to work with your intuitive side, this is a stone for enhancing and developing your clairvoyance and clairaudience. If you have been trying to work through issues of loss, grief, or major changes in your life, this stone will help you to process that information in a healing way and work through the changes that you are going through.

Ruby brings devotion and happiness into your life, and allows you to increase prosperity and abundance in your life. Ruby is also a master protector for your possessions, your children, and psychic attack, so this should definitely be a stone in your arsenal of crystals for everyday use. Ruby has been long considered a success and shielding stone, and has also, like blue lace agate, been a stone for protecting against nightmares. On a romantic level, Ruby is often used in ritual work, as it is a powerful heart stone, working, balancing and clearing the Heart Chakra. If you are having trouble accepting or expressing love, Ruby is the stone that can facilitate divine love and self love, something all of us typically have trouble with. Let Ruby into your life to assist you with moving through your life with an open heart, and becoming the best you can possibly be!

This listing is for one beautiful ruby in cordierite tumbled stone.