Ruby in Kyanite Tower


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This is a stone for manifestation power! Use it in your meditation before going to sleep to increase astral dreaming, help with dream recall and work through problem solving while you are sleeping! Ruby in kyanite is a well known healers choice for aligning the chakras when doing full body chakra balancing work, and is extremely useful for unblocking several chakra energy zones at once. With the dual power of both ruby and kyanite on your side, you are capable of stimulating and balancing both the heart and throat chakras simultaneously, restoring one's ability to put their feelings into words. Many of us, myself included, feel our emotions very strongly, but sometimes have trouble communicating when we are hurt, afraid, upset, etc. with our loved ones. The inability to openly communicate what we need to is a debilitating issue, and can be extremely detrimental to our relationships. If you are like me in that way, you need to get one of these stones and carry it with you in your pocket to assist you! Ruby is also a highly useful stone when faced with issues of controversy and disagreement. A perfect stone for your workday!