Sacred Palo Santo Carved Elephants for Aromatic Patience and Power


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These lovely elephant carvings are the sweetest aromatic carvings for your sacred space. The sacred and holy tree of Peru, we are one of very few people that are capable of getting them directly from our source so frequently! Affordable and long lasting, these sacred elephants emit a sweet melody of scent that is unlike anything else! Palo santo has been used by the people of Peru for many years, and is a staple in healing work! If you are feeling ill or need protection from negativity, this is perfect for you!

This listing is for one palo santo elephant carving. Each one is unique and when you purchase we will intuitively select one for you! Each carving is packaged with one white sage leaf that can be used to clear energies before using. Please know that any piece you purchase from us has been charged on our sacred altar space, recharged in the full moonlight, and cleansed with pure white sage before they are packaged and sent to you! You can shop with confidence, knowing that each stone has been hand selected and prepared for your use before you receive it!