Season of the Witch Spell Box Kit



This kit contains tools you will need for divination, scrying, protection and working ritual magic.

This spell box is a Witch's box of tools, capable of helping you with several tasks. It is designed to be an arsenal and collection box in which you can add to it, and is not for a specific one time use, or a specific spell.

3 black spell candles *chime size*

3 white spell candles *chime size*

Spell Enhancing Dried Herb Blend

1 Triple Moon Medallion Tong Set

1 "Season of the Witch" handcrafted artisan Practical Magic perfume with notes of White Sage, Lavender, Amber, Musk, Cassis, Black Cypress, Oakmoss, Birch and Patchouli

1 Smudge Stick - Mountain Pine

1 Intuitively pulled Pendulum

Black Tourmaline Raw

Clear Quartz Raw

1 Package of Intuitively Pulled Resin Incense

General Candle & Resin Burning Care: Please remember when you are lighting and burning your candles and resin, do not leave them unattended. Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from combustible items. Place on a heat resistant surface and supervise. Resin is meant to smoke, so extinguish flame. Do not move while lit, as wax could spill and resin is extremely hot; avoid burning yourself. Keep wicks trimmed. We top our candles with a variety of herbs, glitter and stones, etc. Please do not leave candles burning unattended. They are meant to be burned with supervision. Berries, herbs and other pieces adorned to the top may burn faster than the wax and can rearrange during melting. In the event of a flame getting too high, please extinguish flame and remove adornment before relighting.