Shiva Shell Heart



Shiva shell hearts are beautiful gifts to us from Mother Nature! These were mined from shallow areas of Thailand and Indonesia, and it is believed by many that they are protective doors, from the Turban Snail's shell opening, detaching and dropping to the seabed nearing the end of life for the snail. Each one is unique and one will be selected for you. Lord Shiva, revered by name of the Hindu culture, is depicted with the third eye upon the forehead, and explains how these shells were named. Shiva shells are comprised of a calcium carbonate. They are believed to be lucky coins, or Mermaid's Money, and charms and manifestations of prosperity for fishermen. These are third eye protection and enhancement totems, capable of helping you with your psychic abilities, inuitive gifts, dream recollection and intuition. They have also been used to ward off bad dreams.

 This listing is for one heart.