Shungite & Clear Quartz Buddha Pendulum


This is one of my most favorite stones for cleansing my sacred space, so I am very pleased to be able to offer shungite to you now from a very high quality source! Shungite, is a stone that I believe seeks the people that need it most. If you end up acquiring it, or feeling drawn to acquire it, you will know that you need it in some capacity. Not only is it capable of removing negative attachments from objects, places and people, but it is also a very good stone for cleansing a whole room, and repelling/dispelling negative effects of EMF.

Historically, shungite was used by during the process of purifying drinking water. You can always feel a difference after you have cleansed a room or object with shungite. The energy of the space will seem lighter and more free. This is also a useful tool if you find that you have been experiencing poor sleeping patterns or several nightmares.

There is so much to say about the benefits of working with clear quartz that I am not even sure where to begin! First, it is important to note that any clear quartz you work with is capable of raising the vibration and amplifying the energy of your sacred space immensely. Clear quartz works to clear and align all of your chakra zones and can be extremely helpful in keeping you in positive energy flow. With clear quartz, we are constantly reminded that there is still much to learn in life. Learning never ends, and many new lessons will be presented to us. Clear quartz allows us to recognize repetitive emotional patterns throughout all of the phases of our lives, which is key to breaking negative cycles and moving forward in a healthy way. Clear quartz is also an excellent stone to be kept by those who are recovering from addiction like alcohol, drugs or smoking, as it is a stone of purification.

Pendulums have been called dowsers as well, throughout the years and across a multitude of cultures. Most useful for answering yes and no questions, a powerful and useful tool to aid in your connection to your ancestors and spiritual guides, as well as to locate missing objects and locate areas where energy is stuck or blocked in the body. If you have never worked with a pendulum before, consider also picking up a book or attending a workshop with us on programming and using a pendulum! If you are part of my crystal healer course, we also learn how to use a pendulum in that program! Our store contains a variety of different available options for pendulums, as well we some exclusive hand crafted pendulum offerings, so happy shopping!