Smoky Quartz Mini Hearts


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Smoky Quartz is my go to stone for grounding and clearing. It can be used alongside Sage when smudging your home to remove negative energies. This stone helps to clear blockages and restore inner balance. It is a great stone to use during Chakra clearing. Although this stone is helpful with all Chakras, it is best associated with the Root Chakra, which is located at the base of your spine. Keeping a Smoky Quartz at work with you or in your car can help to keep negative energies and unhappy or dissatisfied emotions from coworkers at a distance. I like to use my Smoky Quartz when I meditate, as it helps me to center and focus on what my intent is. During meditation, Smoky Quartz helps put me in contact with my inner-self and raises my vibration spiritually.

Smoky Quartz is also a wonderful stone to gift a friend, or someone in need with. This stone has a very serene feel to it, and can help to ease the pain and grief of loss. In addition, Smoky Quartz is useful in the healing of other emotional wounds and helps to release you from negative thought patterns that can tend to repeat themselves, not allowing you to release and let the problem (or person) go.

I love these little hearts, and I am so excited to be able to offer them to you in this easy to carry pocket size! Each heart is unique with it’s own markings, and when you purchase one from us I will intuitively select it for you!

This listing is for one polished smoky quartz gemstone mini heart, approximately 0.75-1 inch in size. Each heart

This listing is for one mini heart.