Titanium Aura Amethyst- Rough Based Top Polished Point


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The magic of working with titanium aura: Titanium aura quartz looks like a rainbow of colors, ranging across the full spectrum of the rainbow. It’s created when titanium is permanently bonded to the surface of quartz. It’s powerful alchemical symbolism provides you strength, fortitude and persistence wherever you need it. We use titanium aura quartz when we need to break up energy blockages, a very intensive coating of energetic conductivity that we believe really works well to get energy moving again. If you are feeling stuck, sluggish, or tired, start incorporating titanium bonded stones into your energy work! The addition of the titanium to the surface of the stone brings it’s own metaphysical properties to the material it is bonded to, so we are excited for you to start working with it! Titanium bonding is a strong force to be reckoned with, so use this in your meditation work to release fears and get your energy flowing!