Tourmalinated Smoky Quartz with Rutile Mega Tower


It has been said that smoky quartz is clear quartz after it has absorbed all the dark and negative energy out of the world, turning it to a dark smoky color. The legend behind the stone, goes well with its metaphysical characteristics, so we will leave that up to your own belief on that. For us, smoky quartz is a powerful healing tool we use quite frequently when we are doing ritual work. If you have been feeling down, tired, mentally and physically ill, this is the stone for you because it absorbs some of that negative energy from you and your surrounding. This is an excellent stone to have in your sacred space, or in a place in your home where many congregate.

Tourmalinated Quartz offers you a gentle protection energy that also amplifies and clears your area of any harsh, negative energy, whether its being directed at you or you are in a cycle of negative habits and thinking. These are super gemmy quartz tumbles with beautiful tourmaline rutile inclusions beneath their surface. When you choose the tools for your sacred arsenal of healing and protection crystals, tourmalinated quartz is a perfect addition because quartz, naturally being an amplifier, amplifies the protection qualities of the tourmaline, giving it a powerful boost for you!

This listing if for one Tourmalinated Smoky Quartz with Rutile MEGA Tower.