Tribal Soul White Copal Backflow Incense Cones


White Copal has a smoky, sweet scent. Copal incense is good to use when meditating. This powerful incense works with the crown chakra, allowing a deeper, purer connection to the spiritual realm. Copal also helps to break up and remove stagnant or negative energy in your sacred space, home or where ever you may choose to use it.

This listing is for one box of incense.

Incense has been used by many cultures for centuries for releasing a fragrance when burned. This aroma is revered for both meditation and aromatherapy. Here at Practical Magic, we offer hundreds of different incense choices for our customers to imbue their sacred spaces with loving and cleansing energy!

Backflow incense should be burned with a backflow incense burner, as it allows air to pass through the bottom of it. Please shop our inventory for backflow burners.

The magic of working with backflow incense: Incense is super charged magic because it's also a form of smudge. The smoke fills your sacred space, raising and changing the energetic vibration and carrying the old world magic, the medicine of our ancient ancestors into our present day. Smudging and burning incense is an integral part of my spiritual practice, and I have incorporated a lot of the ancient aromatic ingredients into the products I offer here at Practical Magic. Backflow incense burners and pulls the smoke down through the bottom of the incense cone, dripping the smoke out and down the backflow burner. You insert and light your backflow incense cone, and watch as the smoke starts to swirl and pull downward, creating an incredible reaction within the burner. You will notice that backflow incense cones have a hole at the bottom of them, allowing the smoke to flow down through the opening at the bottom of the cone.