Vera Cruz Amethyst Point



One of the highest vibrational forms of amethyst, we are so pleased to be able to bring you this Vera Cruz amethyst point from Mexico. Vera Cruz amethyst is believed to be capable of activating the pineal gland, the place of inner wisdom and divine knowledge that one is only capable of reaching through deep prolonged states of awareness, alignment and enlightenment.

A protected opening of the highest crown chakra potential, working with these Vera Cruz amethyst points will feel focused, clear and activating. Ask anyone in the industry, and if you are looking for powerful high vibrational amethyst, this is the direction you will be pointed in.

 The crown chakra is a powerful connection between the spirit world and our physical realm, so strengthening this connection and the bridge between both will allow you access to greater achievements in your psychic and intuitive abilities.

This listing is for one Vera Cruz amethyst point.