Black Garnet, Epidote, and Calcite Specimen



These unique and rare specimens are a gorgeous addition to our collection at Practical Magic Store, and we are sure they will be the same for your collection of Crystal Tools!

Black Andradite Garnet is a powerful material that intensifies creative energies and allows us to hone our focus. Attracting Prosperity, Bringing our Higher Purpose into clearer focus, and realizing our dreams through a strength and resilience of emotion are all a specialty for this unique version of Garnet. All about the Root Chakra, it stabilizes us and provides us with a sense of safety that allows us to take risks, think outside of the box, and connect with our own magical power and energy. 

When paired with inclusions of Epidote, this material gains an even stronger grounding power that protects while enhancing your manifestation power and abundance energy! Epidote also brings the energy up from the root to assist in healing the Heart Chakra through activation.

Let go of your own baggage and reach for the confidence and ability to realize your own desires that this powerful combination material offers!

This listing is for one Black Garnet, Epidote, and Calcite Specimen.