Workshop on Goddess Parvati: The Power of Love & Creation


This year, we are leading learning workshops on a variety of topics and deities.

For March we released our first deity workshop of the year on Goddess Parvati, Goddess of love, fertility and creation of all that is. Join us as we dive into the history of Goddess Parvati and give you more understanding over her place within culture, how to work with her, and why she has been so powerfully revered throughout history. In order to gain access to this workshop, purchase of this offering is required.

This pre-recorded workshop by Nellie will be learning about the Goddess Parvati. Workshop will be released to watch on March 25th, and you will receive the link via your email used to purchase. In addition to the workshop, you will be receiving Nellie's exclusive Parvati Goddess perfume, and a beautiful charm bracelet with rose quartz and garnet.