Wulfenite and Mimetite on Limonite


This Wulfenite and Mimetite on Limonite specimen comes from the Ojuela Mine, in Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.

These Wulfenite with Mimetite on Limonite are very unique combinations of minerals! There minerals are hard to find and t is quite rare to find them all together in one specimen! Not only are they beautiful as specimens, but they offer multiple metaphysical properties.

Wulfenite is a stone that you can use on your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, where it will assist you in clearing emotional blockages. There are also many others uses for Wulfenite, some of which are: helping to balance your emotions and stabilize your mood. It also helps one to come to terms with negative emotions and allow one to express their feelings so that they can come to terms with the cause of the negative emotion and learn how to deal with it. Wulfenite is also good to use in rituals and meditation, especially when focusing on gaining knowledge from past lives.

Mimetite works with your Heart Chakra to provide inner balance and emotional stability. This will allow you to relates negativity that you have been holding within. The removal of this negative energy naturally allows one to feel positive vibrations and replace the negative with positive energy. This is a great stone to use at times of change in your life as the positivity it helps create will bring you happiness and the desire for adventure and new experiences.

Limonite is a purification stone. It cleanses the mind of negative influences and bad energy. It also helps to protect against psychic attack, and enhances inner strength, allowing you to stand up for yourself in situations of conflict. This mineral is a grounding stone, helping you to firmly take a stand on things that you believe in and also helps sharpen you intellect and stimulates your mind and senses, and helping you to be more efficient in your work.

This specimen is approximately 2.5 inches.