Yoga Goddess Rainbow Chakra Incense Burner Holder


This is a Spiral Goddess Incense Burner which is almost 10" in height, and made of polyresin and colorfully hand painted with each of the seven symbols and colors.

Spiral Yoga Goddess Rainbow Chakra Incense Holder has the chakra colors for the zones of realization. The spiral sits at the base as the symbols rise above her. She will remind you of the power of your inner spiritual beauty. The spiral is a symbol of the upward development of the human spirit. Holding her hands above her head depicts the act of drawing down energy from the cosmos above, with the moon and the stars. These powerful symbols evoke prayer to the eternal feminine powers that reside in the heavens over head: prayer that one's spiritual potential be realized, and that one should be an instrument of nurturing and healing, of help to the whole of one's people.

This listing is for one Spiral Yoga Goddess Rainbow Chakra Incense Holder/Burner.