A Practical Guide To Healing Crystals: 10 Most Effective Healing Stones for 2023

Are you new to the world of crystals? Are you new to working with healing crystals and crystal healing in general? Are you thinking about starting to collect stones to attempt some crystal healing but you are unsure of where to start? Don't worry, Practical Magic Store has you covered. With almost 10 years in the crystal and gemstone industry, and 15+ years in occult and metaphysic studies, this article was written to give you our top 10 effective healing crystals that you should have in 2023.

What are Healing Crystals?

Crystal Healing - what is it? This is the first question we get when people visit our storefront in person or chat with us online. Crystal healing is using the energetic vibration and frequency of minerals, or gems, to influence - raise or lower the energetic frequency, or vibration that belongs to your auric field (your energy centers or chakras) or the energetic space you are in - your home, your office, your car, etc. 

You can use crystals to draw out negative energy, replace energy that has been removed, get stagnant energy flowing again, move energy in specific directions, or even to cleanse, purify and detoxify a space or energy center. There are lots of, literally thousands, of different crystals that are used for different purposes. I am going to detail my top ten for this year for you, and give you details on your properties.

 In crystal healing, stones are laid on top of, near to, and around the body to start or initiate a healing purpose. Negative energy can be drawn out and away from the body, the stones can be pointed inward, and good, purified energy can be drawn to or attracted to the body.

Stones have been used for centuries as a means to healing physical manifestations, or illnesses. We always give the disclaimer that we are not medical professionals, and we are not telling you that you should use crystals in lieu of medical professional care, but there is a held belief by many that crystals and stones can be used in companionship to healing, and in some cases, including my personal experience, a crystal can do miraculous healing work. My experience for sure, but we believe in the magic of the stones and the science of their frequencies and energetic vibrations. 

Crystals are assigned different meanings, to help with different things.

The 10 most effective healing crystals

The first two we will talk about are amethyst and rose quartz!

1) Amethyst is an incredible stone for helping you connect to your spiritual abilities, opening up psychic intuition and has long been believed to help with curing hangovers. This is a stone for those who want to develop their mediumship and clairvoyance further, and is a major opener to the psychic realms that I consider very useful for crystal healing work. People use amethyst to connect to their spirituality.

2) Rose quartz is the self love stone. You heard it right. This is the love stone. Healing from disappointment, grief, loss, or even fostering and growing new relationships is extremely important and this stone can be your go to love stone for that purpose and all things heart chakra, love related. You can use rose quartz to attract and keep love, but you can also use it to heal from heart related trauma and to heal from heartbreak and disappointment.

3) Pyrite is a stone I recommend for manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity to you. It's also well known and believed to be a stone of seeking and improved memory abilities, dispelling negative energy, and boosting self strength and drive. This is a stone that does kick you in the butt, similar to carnelian, and gets you moving, energetically. Pyrite is also sometimes referred to as fool's gold, but it's definitely and stone to seek abundance and manifest your best life. Pyrite can be used to bring abundance and attract what you seek. 

4) Tiger eye - in whatever form you can get it in. So Nellie and I love to collect tiger eye, or tiger's eye, whatever flavor of it you desire. We've had basically all of it at Practical Magic Store, and to be honest, usually carry most of it at all times. Blue Tiger's eye is sometimes referred to as hawks eye, red tiger's eye is amazing for courage and root chakra strength, and golden tiger eye is a grounding, stability and focus stone that centers you in place and gives you the courage to proceed in the best way for yourself. 

5) Citrine cannot even be number 5 on this list, because it's so obvious and will probably be on every years list we ever make. Citrine activates the solar plexus, which is the energy center that controls your self esteem, self worth, and your ra or sun energy. This is a chi life force center that acts like sunlight for the rest of the body. If this area is blocked or unbalanced, you will see that resonate in so many other aspects of your life. There are some powerful solar plexus stones that you can work with as well, like sunstone, strawberry quartz, or even golden healer hematoid quartz, but citrine makes it to our list here because it's a powerful manifestation, wealth and abundance attractor that I believe you will need in 2023.

6) Hematite is the next one on our list, and we brought back some insanely amazing hematite freeforms from the Tucson Gem Show, that honestly, we have never had before. Hematite is a stone of vitality. It moves energy, unblocks stuck energy and can be the perfect stone to have if you are suffering from stress and anxiety. Hematite clears away negative feelings.

7) Blue Celestite and angelite are our angel stones that we brough to this party. Both have similar properties, so honestly, get your hands on either one of these stones and appreciate the divine guidance they have to offer you. Angelite connects us with spirit by activating our throat chakra, the energy center responsible for proper communication, speaking our truth, and allowing your heart to communicate to the upper realms. 

8) Lepidolite is a stone of stress relief, depression help, and dispels fear and phobia. This is a must have stone for stressful times in our life, so it's no surprise that I am recommending this to you for 2023. We all know that since 2020 things have been interesting for many of us, so this is a companion stone for stress relief that I believe you should keep for the time being in your arsenal of crystal healing tools.

9) Flower agate is a stone of new beginnings. It helps us leave old situations with grace, close doors on paths no longer serving us, and open up new chapters in our lives. This is always our store January stone of the month, because it's a time for fresh starts, new perspectives, and positive outlooks. 

10) Clear Quartz is our ten for this list, but honestly, it could be number one, and probably should be. Clear quartz is an activator, an amplifier and a magnifier of energy, so you can pair it with any other stone with the properties and intentions you are manifesting, and it will help enhance the properties of those stones. Quartz raises the vibration, activates human consciousness and facilitates ascension, so this is a no brainer for your crystal healing. Quartz can be used to feel more active and alert, as well as to help with when you are feeling mentally and physically tired.

February 25, 2023 — Carly McDonah