Angelite Tumbled Stones



These are some of the most loving stones you will ever have the chance to work with. I may be biased, but it is my humble opinion that if you are going to only get a few stones to begin working with on your spiritual journey, this needs to be one of them. Simply, these stones are divine angelic interaction at work. They bridge the gap between the physical Earth plane and the angelic realms, and they are superb at getting the attention of our angel spirit guides unlike any other stone I have worked with! We have been using stones in our spiritual practice for years, and if you are working with angel oracle cards, these are perfect to accompany you during your readings. They help to clarify issues in our lives that come up, some to teach of lessons, and others to produce obstacles that we can learn from and recognize these issues so that we may make decisions with total clarity, peace, and understanding.

In their already incredible nature, they are also healers of the throat, third eye and crown chakras, as well as are capable of sending energy to the soul star chakra, a secret spot that lies roughly 6 inches above our crown chakra and is the golden, white angelic chakra that is known as the seat of our soul. There is no greater a gift to give someone, then a stone capable of such beautiful things as this one. This is a great stone to use during times of your life when you are going through changes and transitions.

This listing is for one polished Angelite stone.