Ruby Octohedron Record Keeper


This listing is for one ruby record keeper. Please select the size you would like.

These ruby recordkeepers come to us all the way from India. They are strong heart chakra healers, helping promote passion and easing the pain of heartache. This is an excellent stone for someone looking to move forward and away from the past, or someone looking to reignite passion into an already existent relationship. Ruby is a stone of memories, feelings of love and energetic passion, and divine feminine strength and empowerment. In addition, the recordkeepers on these rubies make them even more magical - a symbol of communication, and the magic of sacred geometry. It is believed that they originated from Atlantis, but are also associated with the Egyptian God, Thoth. 

Let these serve as a powerful reminder that there is magic present in the universe, at every component, going on around you all the time.