Blue/Red Aura Quartz Points



Perfect for crystal grids, color magic work, directing energy, or for boosting and amplifying your spell work, these little aura points pack a big magical punch! 

Aura Points are potent, Master Healing and Amplifying Energy of Clear Quartz underneath their colorful coating! The heat treatment coating adds an extra element to the clear quartz that can more closely align it with magical work you are already doing. It is the best assist you could ask for!

Blue aligns with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, Wisdom & Truth-Seeking, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Travel, Focus & Inspiration, Peace & Tranquility, Water Element Work, and Angelic Bonding and Connection.

Red aligns with Root Chakra Work, Love & Sexual Energy, Passion, Confidence, Strength & Power, Fire Element Work, and Acceleration.

This listing is for one Blue/Red Aura Point. This listing is for one aura quartz point. Photo is a picture reference of the color of the point (not size specific.) These are mini points sized to the batch we receive. Thank you!