Girasol Rose Quartz Heart 925 Sterling Silver Ring



Girasol, is a gentler, more subtle version of rose quartz, which is hard to believe, considering how loving, compassionate and gentle rose quartz is! These are beautiful, opaque stones for attracting love energy near to you and clearing lines of communication between people. Most interesting, is these are historically stones of moon work, used most commonly in full moon and new moon ritual, to assist with magnifying the manifestation properties of labradorite, black moonstone and zebradorite. The addition of this stone in your work allows for opened up lines of communication between the spirit world and our own. It's abilities, makes girasol and profoundly sought after stone, and we are so happy to have been able to source some A quality material for you!

This listing is for one girasol rose quartz ring, carefully hand selected for you from the Tucson Gem show.