Bismuth Heart


These are incredible pieces that we are so excited to offer here at Practical Magic! Bismuth is a crystalline metal, formed by molten bismuth, pulled up in a very slow fashion on a rod and these formations occur like the ones you see here inside these awesome heart dishes! This is a very prized offering for us, and bismuth is extremely expensive, so getting our hands on these for you was a real treat! Bismuth is very well known for its magical nature, channeling the spectrum of the rainbow, and reminding us to work better with others as a team. Cooperation and understanding the differences of others, and what makes us unique, is a quality that bismuth is so well versed at! Our differences as people are assets that should be celebrated, not scrutinized. When we are working with others well, we discover the talents and strongest skills that each person possesses and we let those people shine in those areas, which is what bismuth helps us do best! Opening pathways to communication, helping us meditate and visualize better, keep more organized and connect people. I can't wait for you to become better aligned, and better connected to others while you use these beautiful pieces!

This listing is for one heart.