Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore "The Witches Stone" - Large


Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite) is a beautiful iridescent stone, brightly colored in hues of purple, blue, green, yellow and sometimes pink. This stone used to stimulate creativity and imagination. It is also known to be used as a protection stone against negative energies. As a metaphysical tool, Peacock Ore aides in perception, bringing a heightened state of awareness, and aiding in the ability to reach a deep meditative state. It is also said to be beneficial in journeying into the level of insight that will allow access to the sacred and ancient knowledge which is held in our Akashic records.

Peacock Ore is actually the golden colored Chalcopyrite, which turns to the vibrant colors you see when the copper in the stone is oxidized. Sometimes this oxidation process done through an acid wash. Each Peacock Ore stone is different, displaying different combinations of colors. These color vibrations bring energy that is unique to each individual stone. The colors of this Peacock Ore mimick the tail feathers of the male Peacock. The intense color vibration and power of this stone makes it very good to use with all of the Chakras and can aid greatly in clearing and balancing them.