Chrysoprase Tumbled Stones


These amazingly intricate, uniquely patterned natural chrysoprase stones are my stone of choice when it comes with dealing with matters of the heart that resonate from issues of self love. Having deeper compassion, both for ourselves and for others, being more kind, more understanding, is what these stones do best. If you have been feeling unsatisfied with yourself, whether it be physically, or mentally, or have been feeling worn down, these are the best stones to get you feeling better again. Whenever I feel like I am stressed from working too much, and are generally displeased with myself, I find it also harder to be pleased or happy with others. This lack of compassion can be rectified by using this stone to deepen our ability to love ourselves, and as a result, opens your consciousness to unlimited potential. When we mentally focus our thoughts on bad things, things we dislike, negative interactions or experiences, those are the experiences we unintentionally manifest into our lives. If you have hardened your heart due to past pains, emotional failings, or hurt, these stones will show you how to open up your heart again, making it possible for love and compassion to re-enter your life. You can use this stone as a safety net, carefully allowing you to ease into comfort and peace, and restoring the balance to your heart chakra. This can be an incredible transformation stone for those who incorporate it into their daily meditation and ritual work.

This listing is for one chrysoprase tumbled stone.

This listing is for one tumbled stone, which we will select for you.