Rootbeer (Brown/Chocolate) Coke Calcite Tumbled Stone


Rootbeer Calcite, also known as Brown or Chocolate Calcite, is a wonderful stone to use when working with your lower Chakras, helping to align and balance the Root, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. Rootbeer Calcite also has many of the same properties as other Calcite family stones.

Rootbeer Calcite offers us help and direction in several different ways. As stone of opportunity and growth, Rootbeer Calcite provides a sense of personal responsibility, and an awareness that allows us to see avenues for personal growth. This stone will help to encourage us to discover and pursue our heart's desires and wishes, bringing greater happiness into our lives.

It is a grounding stone with a deep connection to Gaia - Mother Earth, and is especially valuable in using earth energies to help to ground and balance us in our everyday lives, personal work and home relationships. If you need help with breaking down toxic habits, patterns, or relationships, then Rootbeer Calcite is a good stone for you to work with.

Finally, meditation with this stone can assist us in communication with our ancestors, guides, animal totems and spirits, and the fairy realm.


This listing is for one Rootbeer Calcite tumbled stone, which will be intuitively chosen for you.