Columbian Amber


These beautiful amber pieces are just stunning. Glowing from the inside, you can feel the esoteric warmth that is radiating all throughout them! Amber occurs by fossilization, and is only considered a stone when it has reached a fossilization age of 100,000 years, so when you hold one in your hands, you will know that you are holding in your possession a part of ancient history! A gemstone of protection, deep warmth and loving energy, no darkness will be able to penetrate your sacred space, as amber is a repellent for negative energy and psychic attack. Amber works on your Solar Plexus, surrounding you with the energy, willpower and motivation to radiate your power in the world. With the elemental powers of fire and Solar Plexus balancing, you will be ready to manifest the reality that you want with incredible protection and ancient guiding energy at your fingertips. When using these tumbles in your magical work, amber helps to magnify spell work and intensifies focus.

This listing is for one piece.