Raw Chrysocolla


One of our favorite stones for Goddess empowerment, this stone is believed to have been used by Cleopatra as a gift that she would give to those she was wanting to do deals or negotiations with. Chrysocolla is very connected to the throat and heart chakras, working specifically on giving you the self confidence to speak your truth and educate others on knowledge you have acquired. It is an excellent stone for teachers, making communication with students and the sharing of knowledge much easier. Musicians and performers also find this stone to be a must have for their collection, helping them to have more confidence in their public performances.

The multiple hues of green, browns and blues that this stone possesses will keep you mesmerized for hours, as their is so much to learn from this stone. We have found that this stone is exceptional at both calming the mind and relieving anxiety, yet is also capable of stimulating creativity empowering its user.

Chrysocolla is the stone of the Goddess. You will feel her ancient, powerful energy come alive within yourself when you start working with it! Chrysocolla is not easily found in the quality we currently have to offer you, so please get it quick as we are unsure when we will be able to get more.

This listing is for one piece of this gorgeous natural chrysocolla stone, approximately 2 inches in size. I will intuitively select one for you.