Crinoid Fossil Tumbled Stones


Like smoky quarty, crinoid fossil is a stone that transmutes negative energy, so it's another perfect stone to add to your arsenal of shadow season, self exploration tools. Pathworking and profound in helping with self journey work, these stones force us to ask tougher, harder and deeper questions than we have ever asked ourselves or others before. In fact, I would say start journeying now and start journaling the questions you really are seeking answers to, because this fossilized stone is going to rhythmically get you into a focused, grounded and deep, contemplative state, where you can begin to explore the aspects of yourself that you like the least. You will likely also see different sides to other people as well, so be prepared for that. Crinoid fossil is the facilitator to your own journey. It helps you get there, when you are ready to put the work in. I'm excited for you to start working with these stones - and they serve as a powerful, yet gentle reminder, that we are always evolving as individuals.

This listing is for one Crinoid Fossil tumbled stone.