Mini Raw Apache Tear


Apache tear obsidian stones are a must have for any person who performs crystal healing, or is interested in the healing aspects of working with stones. This stone is incredibly endearing to our hearts, as it has helped us with mourning and grief release in the recent years, and we can truly say that it is unlike any other stone you could have in your collection. This stone, as its name implies, has a shaman origin, having been used by grieving Native American widows, because of its ability to shoulder grief and sorrow, taking some of the pain and sadness away from you, and allowing you to release and heal.

An important aspect of this stone, Apache tear obsidian is formed when hot lava enters the open air and solidifies. Its creation has made it one of the elemental fire stones, a stone capable of grounding you and transmuting negative energies better than most other stones. This stone is all finding truth, releasing and letting go that which does not serve you, allowing you to access deeper emotions to assist in total healing from the inside out, and making the truth come to the surface. These stones are working on your lower chakra levels, specifically on your root chakra, releasing blockages that have been preventing you from moving forward.

These beautiful stones are perfect upon your sacred altar space, or even kept with you throughout the day. Place one on your bedside table at night to assist you in your healing process.

This listing is for one Mini Apache Tear