Free Custom Practical Magic Downloadable Spring Screensaver


This custom screensaver for Spring and honoring the return of the light was designed for you here at Practical Magic Store. 

Use this pretty Spring screensaver to remind you of the energy of spring time, the return of the flowers, the fertility to the land, the future growth within yourself and in our agricultural wheel of the year. Just like the earth, this is the time we are energetically reawakening. May this screensaver bring you some happiness as you are working!

To use this screensaver as your computer or mobile phone background:

  • Add to cart - go to checkout. Complete the checkout process.
  • You will receive an email order confirmation. Click on the “Ready to download”  link.
  • From your mobile device: Go to your photo downloads and choose to set the image you downloaded as your screensaver.
  • From your desktop: Go to your wallpaper settings of your computer and save the image you downloaded from your email as your wallpaper or screensaver.