Frigga Sacred Oil Perfume


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Frigga sacred oil perfume is a ancient old world collective. Goddess of clairvoyance, prophecy, marriage and motherhood, wisdom and beauty in Norse mythology. She is divine feminine, powerful and loving at the same time. Call on her for fierce protection as a mother and for your sacred space.

These oil perfumes quite literally invented themselves. We do a lot of work with channeled meditation, and the notes that went into this line is with the help of our guides. We couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out, and we know you will be as well! The oils in our seasonal oil perfumes are a mix of natural essential oils, resins, attars, high quality jojoba carrier oil and may contain fragrance oils. They are all small batch production, so color may slightly vary between batch. 

(1) 10 ml anointing perfume oil with notes of christmas trees, star anise, mistletoe, musk attar, cardamom, petitgrain and magic.

This listing is for one 10 ml roller bottle.  

My perfumes are hand crafted in small batches. We are cruelty free and always will be.