Goethite in Amethyst Raw Points



Goethite is a stone described as “one with the earth”, simply because of the connection one will develop with Mother Earth. Working with this stone repeatedly will help one fully root themselves down to this plane and look at life through a completely different set of lenses. Our root, sacral, and third eye all become activated when using this stone, with a clear channel between these chakras being formed. One will be able to take the visions that they see through their third eye and pull them down to a much more physical level. Once one sees a path is visible to their desires and goals, it becomes much more of a reality that they can be achieved. Our sacral chakra will go into overdrive and provide one the much needed creativity and strength needed to reach our highest desires.

When combined with the Crown Chakra Stone, Amethyst, you have a connection and integration of the upper and lower chakras that allows you to open your whole energetic body to spiritual work and awakening while remaining grounded and centered. Amethyst is also known to be calming, and allows you to open your mind to higher information.

This listing is for one Goethite in Amethyst Raw Point.