Golden Healer Hematoid Quartz Tumbled Stones


This is one of the most amazing healing stones you can possess, so naturally it's a must have stone for me that I now use in all of my crystal healing sessions. Golden Healer is an extremely high vibration crystal, a multi versatile crystal healing tool that is capable of accessing the golden ray, the highest vibration of light energy healing, which is a powerhouse of energy for removing blockages, releasing aggression, past hurts and letting go of what no longer serves you. This is a perfect tool to use if you are performing karmic cutting of etheric cords of attachment because it allows you to do so with the highest of good intent, the purest of love energy. This stone is capable of assisting and facilitating communication with spirits between dimensions. It can align all chakras with ease, and is very helpful for those who are needing healing of their cellular memory. I have been using this in my ritual work and healing practice since I first acquired it, and I can't wait for you to start working with it as well!

This listing is for one golden healer stone, which we will select for you.