Gray Botswana Agate Tumbled Stones


These incredibly intricate colored Gray Botswana Agate tumbled stones are predominately gray in hue and we are very happy to have this stone available for you. This botswana agate comes directly from Africa, and can be found in hues of gray, pink, brown and cream. This listing is for Gray Botswana Agate, but do not be surprised if your stone exhibits different hues of color! Each piece is very unique.  These stones provide a soft, warm healing energy, that we have only found with agate stones used in healing work! If you have been suffering ill health and are not sure of the cause, this is a lovely stone to work with because it works behind the scenes, finding and working on the root cause. These stones will help you to find your inner voice, working on healing repressed emotions, so do not be surprised if you have lucid dreams to help you work through and release what you have repressed. Carrying this stone in your pocket will help you to look for more creative solutions to issues, whether they are in the workplace or in your personal life. Carry this stone with you often if you have been experiencing depression or anxiety as it has a wonderful ability to calm the mind. This stone is a crown chakra healing stone, and a wonderful addition to your crystal healing collection!

These little Gray Botswana Agates are small in size, approximately 3/8"-3/4". All vary in size and all are beautiful!

This listing is for one piece of this beautiful Gray Botswana Agate tumbled stone, which we will randomly pull for you.