Leopardskin Jasper Tumbled Stones


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These beautiful leopard skin jasper gemstones come to us directly from Brazil. These gorgeous gemmy stones are found in hues of black, gray, peach, red, pink and cream combinations so look over your piece when you receive it to revere in the glory of all that is leopard skin jasper. Like the animal itself, these stones are each unique and no two stones are the same! This is a lower chakra stone, capable of grounding and centering you, as well as opening and clearing blockages from your sacral and root chakras. With leopard skin jasper, you will find that your evolution to as more enlightened state will be a smoother transition. This stone is perfect for use when meditating, allowing you to breathe and transcend deeper into your work. Facilitating the natural release of toxins from your body, this stone is a must have for anyone who is working on themselves! Keep this stone on your altar, or carry it in your pocket and you will be amazed at how much more in control of your life you feel!

This listing is for one piece of this beautiful leopard skin jasper stone.

This listing is for one tumbled stone, which we will select for you.