Mozambique Agate Tumbled Stones


Agate has long been used for promoting grounding and stability, and rooting your energy in a stable way with source. Mozambique, as the name applies, has come to us all the way from Africa. Agate was discovered with artifacts of Neolithic people, and through study, it appears the people of this period were using it for fashioning healing amulets. Some of this dating extends all the way back to Babylon. As a form of healing medicine, agate stone has been discovered in ancient Greek and Egypt, as well as in Africa, Russia and the Middle East. If you have been feeling out of sorts, like you are in need of some good focus, Mozambique agate is a nice stone to add to your collection. From our personal healing work with this stone, we believe that it also possesses a bit of energizing ability, as focus and energy seems to improve when you use this stone regularly. We recommend this stone for both crystal healing sessions, to carry in your pocket, and to use for crystal gridding.

This listing is for one mozambique agate tumbled stone, which we will select for you.